New Jersey and the Civil War

April 12, 1861 saw the beginning of events which would shake the United States to its foundation. Before even reaching its 100th birthday it confronted the most serious threat to its existence it had ever experienced: the War Between the States.

Over the next four years, no town and no family would be untouched by the horrors of war. The unimaginable devastation left 620,000 soldiers dead and Southern infrastructure in tatters. Slavery was finally abolished, the Federal government became stronger, and the nation was left with wounds that would take decades to heal.

There were no major battles fought in New Jersey. The closest major battle was the bloody Battle of Gettysburg, an easy day trip away in neighboring Pennsylvania. While the state avoided the destruction of battle, it still made significant contributions to the war effort, with an estimated 60,000-80,000 troops fighting for the Union. The vast majority of these troops were volunteers, and they represented the tremendous diversity already present in the Garden State.

Another major contribution the state made was maintaining a series of stops on the Underground Railroad, helping slaves pass from Cape May to Jersey City and on to freedom. Wile the state did not support Lincoln - he failed to win the state in both of his elections - the state ardently supported emancipation.


North Jersey Civil War Round Table

The North Jersey Civil War Round Table was founded to promote interest in and discussion regarding the Civil War, including the events leading to war and the consequences of the war. Since our founding, we have been fortunate to enjoy good fellowship, an increasing membership, and excellent speakers.

Our main function is to sponsor talks related to all aspects of the Civil War. Meetings typically consist of one or two brief lectures related to local interest, followed by a main lecture.

All are welcome at our meetings. If you would like to drop in and see what we are all about, please feel free to do so. We look forward to meeting you!


The NJCWRT meets on the fourth Thursday of each month from September through June. Meetings being at 7:14pm and take place at:


Haggerty Education Center

Frelinghuysen Arboretum

53 East Hanover Ave

Morristown, NJ 07960


Free parking is available in the parking lot. Please see the map below for more details.


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