Valley Forge was the site of the well known army encampment of 1777-78. NHP Ranger David Lawrence joins us at the NJARRT to describe some of the conditions and challenges the Continental troops faced during the harsh winter.

From the Valley Forge NHP Website:

On December 19, 1777, when Washington's army marched into camp at Valley Forge, tired, cold, and ill-equipped, it was lacking in much of the training essential for consistent success on the battlefield. On June 19, 1778, after a six-month encampment, this same army emerged to pursue and successfully engage Lt. Gen. Sir Henry Clinton's British army at the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey. The ordered ranks, martial appearance, revived spirit, and fighting skill of the American soldiers spoke of a great transformation having occurred amidst the cold, sickness, and hardship that was Valley Forge.

CLICK HERE for a video of David discussing the encampment.

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